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Collagen Collagen 21 December 2014

New layout of Infobox Monster template

I've made the new layout for Infobox Monster. Any feedback for the layout?

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Bicho010 Bicho010 15 October 2014

Egris' "Evolution By Family" in a clickable form.

I've only made Egris' excellent list clickable. This way, it's easier for me to find monsters' stats. Of course: All hail the mighty Egris!!!

Here's a quick list of evolutions orders:

[001]1*Matchling->[002]2*Constrictorch->[003]3*Pyrethon->[004]4*Magmaconda [005]1*Poplet->[006]2*Tobogguin->[007]3*Penglacial->[008]4*Penglacius [009]1*Twigoala->[010]2*Kolimb->[011]3*Bushoala->[012]4*Kolyptus [013]1*Jolta->[014]2*Volty->[015]3*Eaglide->[016]4*Electalon [017]1*Inkit->[018]2*Maskly->[019]3*Rashade->[020]4*Duskoon [021]1*Coalarva->[022]2*Fireflutter->[023]3*Pyrefly->[024]4*Flamarch [025]1*Chillybee->[026]2*Frosting->[027]3*Buzzicle->[028]4*Arctempress [029]1*Pebbug->[030]2*Beetore->[031]3*Corebore->[032]4*Quakeules [03…
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Egris Egris 26 September 2014

Evolution by family

Here's a quick list of evolutions orders:

  • [001]1*Matchling->[002]2*Constrictorch->[003]3*Pyrethon->[004]4*Magmaconda
  • [005]1*Poplet->[006]2*Tobogguin->[007]3*Penglacial->[008]4*Penglacius
  • [009]1*Twigoala->[010]2*Kolimb->[011]3*Bushoala->[012]4*Kolyptus
  • [013]1*Jolta->[014]2*Volty->[015]3*Eaglide->[016]4*Electalon
  • [017]1*Inkit->[018]2*Maskly->[019]3*Rashade->[020]4*Duskoon
  • [021]1*Coalarva->[022]2*Fireflutter->[023]3*Pyrefly->[024]4*Flamarch
  • [025]1*Chillybee->[026]2*Frosting->[027]3*Buzzicle->[028]4*Arctempress
  • [029]1*Pebbug->[030]2*Beetore->[031]3*Corebore->[032]4*Quakeules
  • [033]1*Radiantis->[034]2*Irradiantis->[035]3*Solantis->[036]4*Illumantis
  • [037]1*Smogling->[038]2*Noxider->[039]3*Spiter->[040]4*Venomtula
  • [041]1*Emberoll->[042]2*Ashadillo->[043]3*To…
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A tumiwa A tumiwa 29 August 2014

Koala FansClub

Let's Join Koala fansclub!!!

dedicated to koala around the world ;)

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Mjmj77 Mjmj77 14 July 2014

Changing the Username

I started playing Monster Match when I was younger, but the username I picked wasn't desirable, but I don't know how to change it. Is it possible to change your username, and if it is, how? Thanks.

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AnonCamel AnonCamel 6 May 2014

Levelling monsters

I've noticed alot of people asking the same questions about boosting and evolving monsters. Here I will answer the most common questions and show you the optimum method for raising your monsters level.

Question 1 - Does it matter which monster I pick to evolve?

Yes. When you evolve a monster the second one is consumed by the evolution process. So if you have a level 40 Kolimb and a level 5 Kolimb and evolve the level 40 one, you will get a level 40 Bushoala and the level 5 Kolimb is destroyed. If you evolve the level 5 Kolimb you get a level 5 Bushoala and the level 40 Kolimb is destroyed.

Question 2 - Does it matter what level the second monster is?

No. Whether the evolution material is level 1 or level 100 the end result is the same. So in t…

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Collagen Collagen 19 April 2014

ER new fomula test

Will be editted as soon

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A tumiwa A tumiwa 20 March 2014

Old Pra-Event

These Events were released while Monster Match was still in beta version and before event ranking was introduced. Before this

1. New Beginnings

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A tumiwa A tumiwa 14 March 2014

QuestionMark Gallery


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A tumiwa A tumiwa 10 March 2014

Imbalance Monster List

here is a list of some imbalance monsters (overpowered monster)

1. Cooligan

2. Bastet Ablaze

3. Pollyviscerate


4. Hamal


5. Spectra

6. Toxichora

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Egris Egris 22 February 2014

Jumping into Expert Event Levels

Here's a table that will give a general idea of the amount of damage that'll be taken moving from Hard into Expert stages.

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Bluethegreat11 Bluethegreat11 21 February 2014

best use of boosters

this may be common knowlege so sorry if im just stating the obvious here:

i had been wondering this for a while but finally had 2 different iterations of the same monster at the same level and remembered to double check. as the monsters go up in stars it takes more to xp to raise them to the next level. i checked them with the light swans on this last event. lvl 1 smugly took 80 xp to raise to lvl 2 while lvl 1 swunshine took 273 (? it was well over 250 at any rate) to raise to lvl 2. ive checked a few others random ones since then and so far it has been the same. if anybody finds this not to be the case, please let me know.

i think my strategy going forward will be to raise to a pretty high level before evolving. i think it will probably sa…

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A tumiwa A tumiwa 19 February 2014

Combo Name

  • Combo 4: Nice Match
  • Combo 5: Great Match
  • Combo 6: Super Match
  • Combo 7: Terrific match
  • Combo 8-10: Fantastic match
  • Combo 11-15: Monster Match
  • Combo 16-19: Beastly match
  • Combo 20-24: Fericious match
  • Combo 25-29: Mammoth match
  • Combo 30+ : Collosal match
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Egris Egris 24 January 2014

Event Bosses

The following tables shows the changes in difficulty of event bosses over the course of the last few events. Easy, Medium, and Hard of Prismal Wonderland was different than the rest as there was only two equally strong monsters instead of one strong and two weaker ones.

Medium stage got a 10% difficulty boost during Dino-Wars 4. Hard 3* monster got a 30% boost during The Reign of Fenrir and both monsters got a 30% during Cirque du Prismatique V. Expert also got a 30% increase during Cirque du Prismatique V.

Everything got easier again during Oxenclean's Pressure Wash. The difficulty was changed back to what it was during Cirque du Prismatique III.

0% Capture chances on the first few expert levels were actually capturable at a low rate.

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Zombieman1350 Zombieman1350 22 January 2014

Monster Team Help

I've beenying Monster Match for quite a while, and I had this idea to create a team consisting of the monsters shown on the title screen. I already know I can use the wiki to find out how to get them, but the first thing I need to know is what those monsters are.

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Tundra 1234 Tundra 1234 12 December 2013

My Team And Current Monster Box

Monsters In My Monster Box 

Summary of all the monsters in my collection at the minute. This is really just to see the sort of stats the monsters can achieve and if any of you want to know how powerful they can become on the way to being maxed out and evolved. 

I hope this will help people out who are wondering how powerful the monsters can get and if it is their worthwhile in gaining them. 

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Basstwo Basstwo 26 November 2013

Wild about Wild Monsters

I have added a sub Infobox onto the basic Monster Infobox. This is a place to capture and record the factors that contribute to the Boost, MP, and Defense factors for each monster. As we find these we can add them here.

I see two benefits for this information. First, you can use this to try to anticipate how strong the defense of the monsters you are encountering will be. Capture one monster and you know their level. If you pay attention during the battle you can figure out their defense.

Second, if you are grinding a level over and over it is nice to know which monsters give you the greatest return (XP and/or MP). This way you can target them to try to make the run the most effective.

On some monster pages you may notice a bunch of par…

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Basstwo Basstwo 19 November 2013

Prism Pondering

We all need to capture Prism monsters. But I haven't found a way to increase my chances. Below are the ideas I am implementing. If you have other suggestions, comment! If you think one of them isn't important, comment!  :-)

  • I am playing on Hard Mode on the Daily Islands
  • I always target the Prism monster first, the thought being if I take out the Shadow or Light monster first I might capture them, negating my ability to capture the Prism monster.
  • I try to bring along a monster that breaks defense.
  • I would bring along my Plumbler but I worry because his skill will take out all three monsters at once (see the second point above).
  • I try to combo them: wait until their shadow patch (the square underneath them) is the opposite color of a strong s…
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A tumiwa A tumiwa 19 November 2013

Max Skill Upgrade Lv

Usually every 20 level, all monsters upgrade their skill, but some of them have max skill upgrade, even though the display said their skill is upgraded, actually the Skill Level is not increase, that "Skill Upgrade" text is a display glitch. 

  • All Event Monsters' skill can only upgrade up to level 6 max
  • Fire Shark Family, Dolphin, Whale Family(161-179) can only upgrade to lv 5 maximum.
  • Torento family cannot upgrade skill, always lv.1
  • Bastet family is same as Torento, skill upgrade doesnt improve the skill (always 2 second with same amount of health restored).
  • Other than Above monsters, the rest can go through pass level 6
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CristianZoruyo CristianZoruyo 10 November 2013


The idea is to work on some linear equations to be able to predict the stats of any monster at a given level based on 2 known stats. 

You can find this work on the following link: 

Catalogue Equations

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A tumiwa A tumiwa 2 November 2013

Boost Bonus

There are 2 kinds of Boost Bonus, the first one is Affinity Bonus, when u use a same elemental monster to boost, u get bonus 50% experience more, the second one is a randomly appearance Boost Bonus , sometimes when u boost your monsters, u will get this bonus experience.

Boost Bonus = +23%

Big Boost Bonus = +50%

Super Big Boost Bonus = +100%

Extra Bonus = ?? 

note: Boost 5 monsters will give u a higher chance to get the second-type boost bonus 

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Basstwo Basstwo 1 November 2013

Musings on Break

I am still not sure if I should be posting this type of content straight on the article. But here are the things I believe are true about break.

Most of my experiments have been on Medium of a Daily Island. I am trying to find the best ways to break down the defense of Evolution Material Monsters.

From the experiments I have run I am guessing:

  • The element of your Break monster doesn't matter.
  • Break can allow a Group Attack x 5 (like Catorch) to work IF the Group Attack trumps the target.
  • Break will allow a Snipe skill (my common name for what Coolbear and Magnaw can do) to kill if either the element trumps or the Evolution is high enough. Still need to work on this.

It has been suggested that the damage of my attack is vital to this conversat…

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Basstwo Basstwo 28 October 2013

My Current Monsters

We have been trying to lock down some equations for stats and have come up with differing opinions.  The question now is: are we dealing with randomness?  Below is a list of my current monsters, with stats.  PLease take a moment to see if you have the same monster/level and can compare with mine.  Let me know if they are the same or different!

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Basstwo Basstwo 19 October 2013

Equations and Geeking Out

I have been keeping track as I boost monsters.  I have worked out the slope and intercept that contribute to HP/ATK/Rest for a number of Monsters.  I have posted the equations for others to use.  I would love any feedback that the commmunity has for me on these.

Here are the monsters that I have added equations for so far:

  • Ashadillo
  • Batho
  • Constrictorch
  • Coolbear
  • Magnaw
  • Minerus
  • Pebbear
  • Pompony
  • Sparkub
  • Stingoon
  • Tobogguin

The other benefit of these (besides using them to anticipate the HP/ATK/Rest of a companion monster when you only know their level) is to predict the trends of each stat. If a monster has a large slope for a stat that means that stat will increase faster per level than another monster with a low slope.

The slope is the number that gets mul…

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Basstwo Basstwo 16 October 2013

Email Communication with Mobage About Starter Monsters

Below is a streamlined record of an email thread I had going with Mobage Support. The end result is good to know but frustrating!

To: Mobage []

The wikia is divided on this question. Will you please clarify? We know we get a starter monster when we first start the game. We also know we can get starters from the login bonus system.

I started with Twigoala. I then got the three starter monsters from the login bonus system. I was able to upgrage to Kolimb and then Bushoala.

But the community is unsure if there are ways to get the starter monsters. Will I ever be able to evolve my Poplet? I only have the one starter from the login bonus system. Give us some idea of the probablility of another Poplet dropping, please?


To: ba…

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Basstwo Basstwo 14 October 2013

A Series of Experiments

I am going to start keeping track of the questions I encounter, the experiments that I set up to try to get answers, the data that I collect, and the results and conclusions that I find.

Here are my initial questions (with links to some of the results):

Does the level of the second monster matter when evolving?

How much healing should I get?

Here are some spin off topics that I am working on:

Cost/Benefit analysis for evolve and then level vs level and then evolve. I will be considering stat results and MP cost to get there.

Relative comparison of stats at same monster level but different evolutions.

Tracking stat trends for various monsters to find equations for their trend lines. This would allow one to predict the benefit of a companion mons…

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