Monster Match Wiki

Boosting is used for leveling up Monsters and increasing their overall stats. Boosting is the only way to increase a monster's power, since Evolution increases the rate at which stats increase as opposed to directly increasing the stats. It is possible to Boost a monster with any other monster, but the best type of monsters for Boosting are Boost Material Monsters which can be found in the Lucky Zone or during Events.

Boosting Bonuses

Matching affinities grants a base +50% bonus to experience. There's also a chance for a bonus amount based on the following tables. First table is the chance of getting the extra bonus. Second table is the chance of each of the bonuses being applied. Only one bonus can be applied each attempt.

Monster Count Bonus Chance
1-4 5%
5 10%

Bonus Name Bonus Chance Bonus Amount
Boost Bonus 60% +25%
Big Boost Bonus 30% +50%
Super Big Boost Bonus 10% +100%