Monster Match Wiki
479. Calfire
479 Calfire BMG.png
Element Fire Fire
Rarity Rarity 1
Max Level 40
Max HP 9290 Heart Gem.png
Max ATK 1858 Attack.png
Max Rest 766 Rest.png
Skill Toast
(Min Timer : 23)
Locations found Event - Return to the Origins
Boost XP 150
Evolved From Evolves Into
Icon monster water.png
480 Humpyre BMG.png
Fire Wild Calfire Fire
Dungeon Min ATK Max ATK HP DEF Capture %
Event - Beginner 6 1,215Attack.png 1,397Attack.png 4,038Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 3%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Easy 6 4,131Attack.png 4,751Attack.png 18,305Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Medium 3 7,885Attack.png 9,068Attack.png 44,846Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 7.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Medium 6 12,222Attack.png 14,055Attack.png 77,407Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 10%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Hard 3 22,198Attack.png 25,528Attack.png 193,122Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 12.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Hard 6 39,405Attack.png 45,316Attack.png 435,748Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 15%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Expert 3 49,244Attack.png 56,631Attack.png 724,186Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 17.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Expert 6 79,448Attack.png 91,365Attack.png 1,241,168Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 20%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Nightmare 3 975,614Attack.png 1,121,956Attack.png 17,216,719Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 25%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Nightmare 6 1,607,977Attack.png 1,849,174Attack.png 33,621,328Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 30%Crystal yellow.png
Popup monster img CYY.png