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Here is the spreadsheet I use to create ecuations and predict attributes at any desired level. Also you can filter by type, sort by max Attack, HP or Rest value. 

Link to public document

Public collaborative spreadsheet.

Take a minute and fill in the ones I didn't get yet so we can get better conclusions about the ecuations.


- 07/11: Changed "Dark" type to "Shadow" to keep consistency between Wikia and the spreadsheet.

- 07/11: Added monsters provided by Tumiwa (thanks!!!) 

- 31/10: Added Monster names.

- 30/10: Now the calculations work with any 2 known levels instead of just lvl 1 and any other. 

- I'm assuming linear ecuation even though there is some ramdomness in the attributes it gets, but the numbers seem to be pretty accurate anyway.

- I've added filters and max lvl restriction

- Added notes in each title explaining what they mean.