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Here is the spreadsheet I use to create equations and predict attributes at any desired level. Also you can filter by type, sort by max Attack, HP or Rest value. 


From column D to L: We are supposed to know at least the attribute at 2 different levels. So most of them have lvl 1 already since I took those from the catalogue, but some I didn't encounter yet. These are the ones that you can help with. (Hover over the name of the column to see a brief description of it).

Column M - HP: This is the calculated value we are looking for. It will display how much HP the monster will have at a given level (E1). If the max lvl is set in column D then that will be the limit of the Attribute calculation. So if E1 is 999, as I usually use it, then you are reading the max HP of that monster. 

N and O: Work just like column M. 

"Attribute" Raise: It's the value "a" in the general linear equation "ax+b=q". This value will tell us how fast that attribute grows based on the lvl. In other words, the higher the better. 

Total factor: This is a subjective value calculated considering a 10% of the HP raise, 1 time the attack and 5 times its rest value. I use it to make decisions around which monster is better in general. Monsters with Total factor < 10 are not good (unless you really love their special skill), meaning that none of their attributes grow considerably. Around 10 and 20 are pretty normal. From 20 to 30 are difficult to catch but not impossible and from 30 on are usually event and gate monsters. In most of the cases I've analyzed not even highly evolved normal monsters reach a >30 growth. Only the ones that we get at the beggining of the game (apparently those are THE MONSTERS to evolve first) are an exception to this, so far. 

Link to public document Public collaborative spreadsheet.

Take a minute and fill in the ones I didn't get yet so we can get better conclusions about the equations.


- 07/11: Changed "Dark" type to "Shadow" to keep consistency between Wikia and the spreadsheet.

- 07/11: Added monsters provided by Tumiwa (thanks!!!) 

- 31/10: Added Monster names.

- 30/10: Now the calculations work with any 2 known levels instead of just lvl 1 and any other. 

- I'm assuming linear equation even though there is some ramdomness in the attributes it gets, but the numbers seem to be pretty accurate anyway.

- I've added filters and max lvl restriction

- Added notes in each title explaining what they mean.