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Prism Monsters are the Monsters with Prism affinity.

In game

Prism Monsters tend to having weaker attack compared to other affinity monsters because of the reason they can attack 5 times with all 5 affinities in a turn, which is depending on how many kinds of affinity gems were been broken within a turn.[1]

For Prism Monsters appears in a stage as enemy, they changes their affinity by one of five affinities [2] every turn.

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  1. For instance, they'll only do attack one time with fire affinity when only the Fire(or with Heart Gem) gems were been broken in a turn, or do attack five times with each affinities when the Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Shadow gems were been broken in a turn.
  2. Fire → Water → Earth → Light → Shadow (→ Fire)

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