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447. Chewillow
447 Chewillow@2x.png
Element Earth Earth
Rarity Rarity 1
Max Level 40
Required XP 30,000
Max HP 7499 Heart Gem.png
Max ATK 454 Attack.png
Max Rest 340 Rest.png
Grade 6
Skill Blessed Herbs
(Min Timer : 8)
Locations found Event - The Siege of Shirantler
Boost XP 150
Evolved From Evolves Into
Icon monster water.png
448 Twiggorn@2x.png
Earth Wild Chewillow Earth
Dungeon Min ATK Max ATK HP DEF Capture %
Event - Easy 9 697Attack.png 802Attack.png 10,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 2.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Medium 9 1,631Attack.png 1,876Attack.png 16,500Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 5.0%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Hard 9 7,140Attack.png 8,211Attack.png 66,242Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 7.5%Crystal yellow.png
Popup monster img CYY.png