Monster Match Wiki
778. Classicat
778 Classicat.png
Element Prism Prism
Rarity Rarity 1
Max Level 40
Required XP 30,000
Max HP 6051 Heart Gem.png
Max ATK 416 Attack.png
Max Rest 374 Rest.png
Grade 2
Skill Classy Shield
(Min Timer : 11)
Locations found Event - Call of the Ancestors VI
Boost XP 150
Evolved From Evolves Into
Icon monster water.png
779 Braggacal.png
Prism Wild Classicat Prism
Dungeon Min ATK Max ATK HP DEF Capture %
Event - Beginner 9 1,000Attack.png 1,150Attack.png 3,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 1.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Easy 9 2,500Attack.png 2,875Attack.png 10,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 2.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Medium 5 2,750Attack.png 3,163Attack.png 11,500Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 3.75%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Medium 9 5,500Attack.png 6,325Attack.png 30,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Hard 5 9,000Attack.png 10,350Attack.png 64,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 6.25%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Hard 9 20,000Attack.png 23,000Attack.png 200,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 7.5%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Expert 5 100,000Attack.png 115,000Attack.png 1,200,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 8.75%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Expert 9 250,000Attack.png 287,500Attack.png 3,000,000Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 10%Crystal yellow.png
Popup monster img CYY.png