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482. Despicamel
482 Despicamel BMG.png
Element Fire Fire
Rarity Rarity 4Rarity 4Rarity 4Rarity 4
Max Level 160
Max HP 37168 Heart Gem.png
Max ATK 7431 Attack.png
Max Rest 3067 Rest.png
Skill Burn
(Min Timer : 14)
Locations found Event - Return to the Origins
Boost XP 300
Evolved From Evolves Into
481 Aridune BMG.png
923 Sheikh Yamal BMG.png
Sheikh Yamal(923)
Fire Wild Despicamel Fire
Dungeon Min ATK Max ATK HP DEF Capture %
Event - Hard 6 59,108Attack.png 67,974Attack.png 653,622Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 1%Crystal yellow.png
Event - Expert 3 73,866Attack.png 84,947Attack.png 1,086,279Heart Gem.png 0Enemy shield.png 2%Crystal yellow.png
Popup monster img CYY.png