Most Evolution Recipes require a duplicate of the Base Monster in order to work. This means you need to have 2 of the same monster in addition to the Evolution Material Monsters specified by the Evolution Recipe.


From some research we have found the two following rules to be useful:

  • Always select your highest level monster as your Base Monster before evolving:
    • For example: you have two Emberolls (levels 1 and 3) and you want to evolve them up to an Ashadillo
    • You should select the level 3 Emberoll as your Base Monster and then pick the level 1 Emberoll as the evo material.
    • This will result in a level 3 Ashadillo
    • If you were to flip this order (select the level 1 and your Base Monster) you would get a level 1 Ashadillo
  • There is no use in leveling up two of the same monster in the hopes that you will get a higher level evolved monster. Better to just level one and catch a low level one for evo material.