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358. Illuyanka
358 water leviathan.png
Element Water Water
Rarity Rarity 5Rarity 5Rarity 5Rarity 5Rarity 5
Max Level 200
Required XP 2,100,000
Max HP 26644 Heart Gem.png
Max ATK 5326 Attack.png
Max Rest 2197 Rest.png
Skill Yandi's Vengance
(Min Timer : 5)
Locations found Legend Summon Gate 3/8/14-3/9/14
Boost XP 350
Evolved From Evolves Into
838 The Pawn BMG.png
The Pawn(838)
839 The Promoted BMG.png
The Promoted(839)
Water Wild Illuyanka Water
Dungeon Min ATK Max ATK HP DEF Capture %
Wild Illuyanka don't exist.
Popup monster img CYY.png