Monster Match Wiki

There are currently five Main Islands:

Elemental Bay Illusion Dunes Rainbow Reef Prismatic Peninsula Chromatic Island
Elemental Bey.png Illusion Dunes.png Rainbow Reef.png Prismatic Peninsula.png Chromatic Island.png

This is the main area of the game, and feature monsters that get progressively more difficult and more rare. Each island has six zones with varying numbers of Puzzle Stages within each Zone, apart from Elemental Bay which only has five Zones. Each island and stage is unlocked by completing the previous island/stage.

The Skill Islands(Mirrored Islands) are the expert area of the game. Each Island possesses a Savage and an Insane difficulty. It has high chances for Prism Evolution Material capture and some of the largest XP rewards. Each Skill Island is unlocked by completing it's mirror in the Main Islands.

The Daily Islands feature seven zones; one for each day of the week Monday-Friday, one for the Weekend, and the Lucky Zone which appears randomly for an hour at a time. The Daily Islands are the best place to find Material Monsters and Evolution Material Monsters.

The Event Island is only available when Special Events are active in-game, and the layout varies depending on the running event.

All islands can be found by pressing the Islands button in the Main Screen.

Below is the Tutorial Island for newbies. At the end of Lesson Five, the player gets a free Starter Gate summon to start their monster teams.

Tutorial Island