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Event Start End Type Monster
Squirlwynds Flight.jpg


2013-07-24 Light Squirrly, Swooper, Draftyr, Glyder, Squirlwynd, Opossnooze, Opossleepy, Opossloth, Oposslumber
Rise of Anubis.png 2013-07-26 2013-08-01 Shadow

Anubis, Anubis RisenDay Mau, Day Naja, Day Timsah

When Pigs Fly.png 2013-08-02 2013-08-08 Fire Oinklet, Porkchop, Porcules, Supork, Porkolossus, Owlet, Crystowl, Snowsalot, Snowitall
Blue Moon Howl.png 2013-08-09 2013-08-15 Water Leaflit, Shrubirdy, Fowliage, Bladewing, Pitterpup,Patterpup, Splisher, Splasher, Splashpack
Tremors of Sobek.png 2013-08-16 2013-08-22 Earth Sobek, Sobek Resolute, Pyro Mau, Pyro Naja, Pyro Timsah
Static Flock.png 2013-08-23 2013-08-29 Light Aceyfleecy, Stylamb, Sheeposh, Woolovely, Ewetiful, Inkly, Octot, Tentacloud, Invertebrawn
Skunken Master.png 2013-08-30 2013-09-05 Shadow Master Miasma, Whiffling, Odorable, Stinkang, Kung Pew, Scooper, Pelicute, Brawnbill, Pelicannon
Dino-Wars.png 2013-09-06 2013-09-12 Fire Velocano, Dormantor, Raption, Velociroaster, Firaptor, Plesea, Plesiqueous, Plesiocean, Plesiolassa
Word of Thoth.png 2013-09-13 2013-09-19 Water Thoth, Thoth Purified, Terra Mau, Terra Naja, Terra Timsah
Cattlemania.png 2013-09-20 2013-09-26 Earth Moo World Order, Chuck, Angus, Kobe, Sir Loin, Sootsie, Digneous, Obsidirend, Bassault
Light of Ra.png 2013-09-27 2013-10-03 Light Ra, Awakened Ra, Night Mau. Night Timsah, Night Naja
1377290 468023816645239 680241830 n.png 2013-10-04 2013-10-10 Shadow Goatcho, Billy, The Kid, Capuero, Gruffriders, Zapbit, Cottontazel, Harewire, Volthare
Fury of Bastet.png 2013-10-11 2013-10-17 Fire Bastet, Bastet Ablaze, Aqua Mau, Aqua Timsah, Aqua Naja
1377499 475795942534693 2057598180 n.png 2013-10-18 2013-10-24 Water Pompony, Haughttrot, Swaggersteed, Vainmane, Smugstud, Howleaf, Stumpaw, Coyotree, Mokurai
Chaos of the Gloom King.png 2013-10-25 2013-10-31 Shadow Gloom King, Rage Gloom, Sorrow Gloom, Joy Gloom, Laughter Gloom, Malice Gloom, Matchleech, Counstrictorch, Hocus-Poplet, Toboggwand, Twigorala, Delimb, Sweet Corn, Sweet Lolly, Sweet Choco
1384268 485347681579519 1834081039 n.png
2013-11-1 2013-11-7 Light Pternado, Waftyl, Soaryl, Ptaerodactyl, Tornadax, Dilop, Doomplume, Venomurus, Putridon
1425728 487719661342321 359271303 n.png
2013-11-8 2013-11-15 Shadow Varmun, Tailey, Domousticator, Ringmouster, Matridark, Umbralephant, Lilacrobat, Plumbler, Lavenderm