Monster Match Wiki

The Lucky Zone is a special zone found on the Daily Islands that only appears for an hour at a time, randomly once a day. It is the best place to find super rare Boost Material Monsters that can increase a monster's XP greatly.

Stamina cost: 25 Waves: 5 Xp: 250

Monster Attack Def HP Turn Timer

F. Caterpillar, W. Caterpillar, E. CaterpillarL. Caterpillar, S. Caterpillar

100 - 115 600 20 2
Fire CocoonWater Cocoon, Earth CocoonLight CocoonShadow Cocoon 200 - 230 1500 25 2
Fire MothWater Moth, Earth Moth, Light Moth, Shadow Moth 350 - 403 3000 25 2

The lucky zones alternate between a one zone day, a two zone day and a three one day. 

A one zone day the first zone will be opened from 3pm EST for group A with the other groups getting the zone after that time.

On a two zone day the first zone (group A) will be opened at 3am and then another at 3pm EST.  

A three zone day the first zone (group A) will be opened at 7 am, 3pm and 11 pm EST.   

Each person is allocated a group from A-E. You have to work out what group you are in but once you know what group it will be easy to figure out when you need to start checking for your zone. Group A gets the zone first with the other groups follwing in the few hours after group A got their zone. 

One Zone Day 

Group A: 3-4 pm EST  

Group B: 4-5 pm EST  

Group C: 5-6 pm EST  

Group D: 6-7 pm EST 

Group E: 7-8 PM EST 

Two Zone Day

Group A: 3-4 am & 3-4 pm EST 

Group B: 4-5 am & 4-5 pm EST 

Group C: 5-6 am & 5-6 pm EST 

Group D: 6-7 am & 6-7 pm EST 

Group E: 7-8 am & 7-8 pm EST 

Three Zone Day 

Group A: 7-8 am, 3-4 pm & 11-12 pm EST 

Group B: 8-9 am, 4-5 pm & 12-1 am EST 

Group C: 9-10 am, 5-6 pm & 1-2 am EST 

Group D: 10-11 am, 6-7 pm and 2-3 am EST 

Group E: 11-12 pm, 7-8 pm & 3-4 am EST 

Note: The first zone may not appear at these times, they sometimes vary it to an hour before or an hour later to mix it up a bit to keep us on our toes. The time table can change from week to week so this is really just a rough guide on the times. Every few weeks they change the whole time table making these times void for those weeks. I will update if the times change at all.