The Main Screen is the first screen players see when logging in to the game. From this screen players can choose to Continue from the last Puzzle Stage they played, enter the Monster Menu to Boost, Evolve, and edit their Monster Teams, access the Summon Gates, view game messages and updates, and view and edit their Friends List.

Page ElementsEdit

At the top of the screen is the player HUD, which displays all the important information for the player including Player Rank, Stamina, CP, and Monster Coin.

Players' active Monster Team is also visible here. The Monster in the first team slot appears in the middle, larger than the other Monsters.

The Continue button will take players to their current Puzzle Stage in the main game, or players can use the Islands button to manually choose a Puzzle Stage.

The Monsters button accesses the Monster Menu where players can BoostEvolve, and edit their Monster Teams. Players can also Sell their Monsters and view the Catalogue from this menu.

The Friends button opens the Friends List where players can search, add and delete friends.

The Summon button will take players to the Summon Gates menu, where they can use CP and Summon Coupons to summon rare monsters to add to their team.

The My Page button takes players to the Information Menu which displays more detailed player information than the HUD. Players can also view their Bag and Goals from this menu, as well as current and past Event Leaderboards, Options, Help, and the Store.