Monster Match Wiki

I have been keeping track as I boost monsters.  I have worked out the slope and intercept that contribute to HP/ATK/Rest for a number of Monsters.  I have posted the equations for others to use.  I would love any feedback that the commmunity has for me on these.

Here are the monsters that I have added equations for so far:

The other benefit of these (besides using them to anticipate the HP/ATK/Rest of a companion monster when you only know their level) is to predict the trends of each stat. If a monster has a large slope for a stat that means that stat will increase faster per level than another monster with a low slope.

The slope is the number that gets multiplied by the level.

In this way you can see that Batho will have a huge HP stat (slope of 41.20) and Constrictorch will have a larger ATK stat (slope of 7.45).

Here is a graph showing the trend lines for Ashadillo.  You can see that he has very low ATK and Rest stats.